Monday, August 15, 2011

Dorm Room Design 101

For college students everywhere - I know it may seem like you just took your final examinations, but it's that time of year again.  Time to gear up for the fall semester.  Many students will be heading to their college campuses for the first time and calling their dorm rooms their first "home away from home".  I remember my first dorm room, and although I was an upperclassman by the time I moved on campus at Virginia Commonwealth University, I was still super excited about moving into my dorm apartment at Gladding Residence Center - or GRC to those of us who attended VCU.  My parents probably spent a small fortune on me as we went from store to store to make my dorm room feel more like a room and less like........a box.  But today there are many decor options available at less expensive prices that will allow you to dress up any dorm room with style and within a budget.  Here are a few suggestion rooms to get you started:

The total cost of all of the items for this room was $489.75.

The total cost of all of the items for this room was $723.55.

Not to leave the guys out, the total cost of all of the items for this room was $627.90.

Of course these rooms were put together with the assumption that the most important item - a desk - would already be in the room - smile.  If you are a student, or you have a college-bound student getting ready to go back to campus, and you would like last minute assistance pulling together a dorm room look, contact me at and let's create a stylish dorm room solution for you within your budget. 

La Toya Michelle
~You are only limited by your own imagination

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Creating the Perfect Fireplace Focal Point

These days, even new construction apartment homes will have a fireplace in the main living space.  Surprisingly, most clients would prefer to downplay the fireplace as a design feature in the space as opposed to drawing attention it.  Some clients opt to play up a magnificent outdoor view, but depending on the nature of that outdoor view, i.e., if it isn't a city view, when it gets dark - they have now lost the focal point of their space.  The most basic purpose of a fireplace is to, of course, provide physical warmth in the cold weather months.  But a fireplace can also provide warmth to a space in a figurative sense as well.  Take a look at the ways in which the design of these spaces utilize the fireplace as the focal point of the room.

family room modern family room

The floating fireplace - a freestanding fireplace built into a recessed wall.

Spring Mantle eclectic living room

During the warmer months, fill the fireplace with unexpected objects and change them out frequently to keep the focal point interesting.

Cedar Loveseat modern family room

Keep it simple! This basic fireplace, even with no mantle and illuminated with a fire is a focal point all its own.

Stainless Steel Fireplace and modularArts wall modern media room

Add a textural wall - such as this one by Modular Arts.

Cedar Loveseat modern family room

In an architectural twist - here is a fireplace wrapped around a corner.

Tarrytown House modern living room

Or go with a fireplace that is both sculptural AND functional.

With all of the options for incorporating the fireplace into the main decor scheme of a space, even if you do have a gorgeous outside view - the fireplace should never be totally overlooked.

Do you have a fireplace that you need help incorporating into your space??  Contact me and I will help you turn it into a stunning focal point.

La Toya Michelle
~You are only limited by your own imagination