Thursday, May 19, 2011

Adding Color to Walls when Painting is Not an Option!

For all apartment dwellers who may be prohibited from painting - who says you have to live with bare white walls?  Why not consider your white walls as a blank canvas and create something beautiful out of them! Paint some picture frames in colors that are represented in your space and hang them on the wall in a huge collage such as in this photo by interior designer Marcelo Brito.  It will instantly bring color to your walls and break up the starkness of the white.  What do you think??

La Toya Michelle

~You are only limited by your imagination!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beautiful New Wedding Color Combos!

As spring is nearing a close and summer quickly approaches - if you are contemplating a color scheme for your wedding, consider these options.  All photos courtesy of The Knot.

1) Aqua and Chartreuse - the mix of these two colors is so fun and vibrant, perfect for an outdoor event.

2)  Blush and Mauve - simple and understated! 

4) Garnet and Tangerine - a crisp color combination - seems perfect for September when Autumn is in the air.

4) Lavendar + Cream + Chocolate - another gorgeous combination that would be great for a formal September wedding!!!

5) Fuchsia and Navy - perfect for those who love bold colors!

6) Lemon and Celadon - another beautiful combination that would be perfect for an outdoor summer wedding.

7) Blush + Ebony + Pewter - a very romantic color scheme!

8) Cloud + Cream + Platinum - this combination would be a perfect choice for a more formal celebration.

Which one would be your choice??

La Toya Michelle

~You are only limited by your own imagination

Friday, May 13, 2011

Define your style!

Blending homes as a newlywed couple can be a monumental task at times.  Sometimes you are trying to combine households and blend two different syles and the majority of the time - it just doesn't seem to "click" as much as you would like it to.  Most couples that I know that have been married for years are still going through the same thing and their stories are the same.  At first, they were blending two homes and their design styles didn't mesh, but they figured that once they got a larger home, everything would fit appropriately and magically things would start to fall into place.  When they got the larger home, they were faced with having a lot more space and all of a sudden the urgency to fill that space - with anything - crept in.  Now they have large spaces filled with odds and ends that although are gorgeous to look at, do not truly reflect their design styles.  Although I can help you determine your design style once you find yourself in this place, it's a lot easier to do so at the very beginning!!

Are you a newlywed or a first time homebuyer with empty space to fill in your home?  Steer clear of the discount section and resist the urge to spend impulsively on trendy items!!  Embrace the empty space, and take time to define your design style before you make any purchases.  Consider making timeless purchases such as these that will be with you forever and will always be in style.

Avalon Black Extension Dining Table
A traditional table with a modern finish - this table can grow with your family - extending to 65"

Cole Chair
This classic design can blend in with a myriad of other styles - from traditional to eclectic.  So even if your style changes down the road, this comfy chair will still fit right in.

Midas/by Autumn Rose
Selecting original artwork is the easiest way to create your own unique style.  Visit some galleries and support your local artists.  You never know - you might end up purchasing the work of a great artist in their early years!

Purchasing a Persian, Turkish, or Oriental rug may require a hefty upfront investment, but it is money well spent and so worth it!  Even after years of wear and tear, you just can not beat the handcraftsmanship of these pieces.  They actually look BETTER the more they age!

Nailhead Upholstered Headboard
A staple such as this will give your bedroom a polished look in an instant!

Tesana Lamp
Whether it is placed on a console table, a nightstand, or in a reading nook, this classic and versatile lamp is a keeper!

Before you make your next design purchase - consider whether the piece truly lives within your design style.  If it does - great!!!  If it doesn't - step away from the cash register.  Purchasing pieces that fall within your design style and that you truly love are the best way to pull your home together.  Regardless of how long you have to "embrace the empty space" :o)

La Toya Michelle

~You are only limited by your own imagination!